Patch 3 Release Notes

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Our third update for Closed Beta is here! While much of this update contains behind the scenes work to make the game faster and better prepare us for adding more Stories, we also included a fix to a bug reported by our wonderful community and an enhancement to the Bo Peep story. Please download the updated client from the customary location here.

Faster, more reliable everything There is lots of optimization work included in this patch. Not only should you encounter less lag or choppiness in the game in general, the Stories should update very quickly. No longer will Shepherd Brimley ponder your assistance for a long while before you are notified the story is complete! Work on improvements to the Story system continues and this update is the first part of those changes.

Bo Peep: Sheep will follow you to the pen We have finally severed the sheep’s attachments to the herd and the sheep will follow you after you use the rope to catch one. Also, you will see your sheep safely in the pen after you assist the Shepherd with his request. We intend to build on this system to allow pets or livestock to loyally follow their owners, where appropriate. Pet turkeys will not be invited to the Estate for a Ball, however.

“Change Room” UI button now disabled Thanks to community feedback we have temporarily disabled the “Decorate Room” button in the main UI. (The lower left button in the main group of UI buttons.) We are currently working on the feature and it was discovered that the window stayed open permanently after clicking this button. This will no longer happen.

Thank you for your continued feedback and support in the world of Ever, Jane!

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