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Our second Closed Beta patch has arrived! Please download the updated client from the customary location here:

Brand New Player Experience Are you eager to explore the developing world of Ever, Jane but unfamiliar with video games? Our new player tutorial is for you! At the Difficulty screen, immediately after creating a new character, please select the portrait on the left for “I’ve never played an MMO before.” Your character will be taken to a special room that will allow you to practice moving and interacting with the world. We encourage you to give us your feedback on this new and still in progress feature!

Story Stability If you have been frustrated by a troublesome rope while doing your best to help the Shepherd or give back a handkerchief, please try again. We have squashed some bugs and worked to improve the stability of the Story system to allow you to complete each of the four currently available Stories. As always, please tell us on the Forums or at if you continue to have any problems.

Cottage Remodeling The Cottage, Mrs. Hatch’s current residence, has been undergoing some remodeling to prepare for upcoming work on the player housing system. As this work is in progress please excuse some lingering issues, such as the troublesome back staircase. Our craftsmen are continuing their work which you will see in a future update.

Forums Work is continuing on restoring parts of the previous forums, such as The Post Office and Character Introductions. I do not yet have an ETA but we know this information is important and will restore the posts as soon as possible.

Events We are planning some events to help bring old friends together and make new acquaintances! More information on that effort coming soon. As we have wonderful players all across the world we will do our best to accommodate different time zones.

As always, thank you for your time in Ever, Jane and we look forward to more and more improvements!

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