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It seems that Mrs. Hatch’s confusion has infected some of the stories. In an attempt to quarantine the infection, we have put out the first of two patches to the Closed Beta. The second patch will go out after the US holiday of Thanksgiving.

The Church

The glassworkers and masons have completed their work on the church. The sanctuary is awaiting the altar, something about muddy roads in Sussex, but at least you can sit in the pews and enjoy the splendor of the new stained glass. At least, you could if you could sit. But standing is nice too.

The Open Door

Mrs. Hatch has decided a strong, windy draft is preferable to students milling about in front of her home unsure of where to go. She has chosen to leave her front door open until she can hire a new Butler, Mr. Smyth having decided his rheumatism was getting the better of him and taking off for Bath to take the waters.

Profile Button

The profile button (in the upper left corner of the screen where the cameo is, just above the name plate) has been implemented to fetch fresh data from the database to help “unconfuse” the system.

You will see a message, "Clean data... please wait" and after a few moments another message that you may again proceed. Please exercise the utmost patience until you see the message that the feature has completed the clean-up.

If you try to join a story and it says you don’t qualify, but clearly you do, that is an ideal time to press the Profile button and get clean data. Another opportunity is when the stories all have the same horrid title, “BUTTON”. Or if you act as the story has told you to, smiling at a friend, for example, and the story remains stuck. Again, this button should get things working again.

Parlor Button

If you get uncomfortably stuck while exploring, for example in the upper staircases of some of the houses, left-click the "Parlor" button in the lower right area to be transported outside Mrs. Hatch's house. (Carpenters have been summoned to address this particular staircase issue in an upcoming update.)


Due to popular demand we are working to bring over parts of the previous forums, such as The Post Office and Character Introductions. Once we have restored these posts we'd like your feedback to know if additional areas of the forums would benefit from the same treatment. We'll have a new thread with more details once we're confident the posts have been safely restored. We encourage you to email with any questions.

Please download the updated game client to continue playing in our Closed Beta. The download can be found in the usual location at

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