Closed Beta 2.0

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The Beta is out! It is, at the moment, a closed Beta, meaning that it is only available to you, our loyal subscribers, and to those who gave $5.00 to our Kickstarter appeal two years ago. Please download it from (and please admire our new website while you are at it!).

So what are you to expect from this game? The fact that it is a Beta version, rather than the full release, does tell you that it isn't yet perfect. We've spent a long time developing and testing the game so far, and we hope we've found all the bugs, but there are always more to find. Particularly, we want to find out what happens when we have many players in the world at once.

Right now we have most of the game features that we will have when we launch, and most of them have been polished to a tolerable degree; however, the artwork isn't quite finished and, as I said, there will almost definitely be bugs we haven't managed to find. We still need to finalise and polish the animations, house customisation and the ballroom. We also plan to add more stories – the ones available now are really tutorials, each one teaching a different aspect of the game.

Those bits that have been polished are setting the standard for the rest of it, and we're going to be putting out new releases on a regular basis throughout this closed Beta period. There will be the occasional moment of heavy lag, when it seems as though your character is walking through treacle – we do apologise for this, and it's one of the things we are trying to address as soon as possible.

We'd really love it if you would play the game, and tell us what you think, and especially tell us if and when you find a bug! You can contact us on [email protected] or on the (new and improved!) forums on the web page.